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New Mexico Teen Pregnancy Coalition

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The New Mexico Teen Pregnancy Coalition's Conference is May 17th

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The New Mexico Teen Pregnancy Coalition

The New Mexico Teen Pregnancy Coalition is announcing our new ways to communicating with our New Mexico youth and our supporters. Over the past few months, we have been working to update our resources and provide even more ways for everyone to stay in touch with what is happening and the success our programs are having on our state.

The NMTPC Website

Our new site makes it even easier to find information on the social and family programs that we offer, local resources for teens and parents, as well as a new easy way to show your support for this great cause. We have also expanded our social network to include Facebook where we can increase adult/teen communication about sex, increase sexually active teens’ access to contraceptives, and to decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies, STDs and HIV/AIDS. Our neighborhood-based initiative aimed at helping adults, parents, and community leaders is coming to Twitter! This provides another platform to communicate effectively with young people about reducing adolescent sexual risk-taking.

Education +
Communication +
Access to contraceptives
= Fewer unwanted pregnancies & STDs

The NMTPC dedicated to providing programs and supporting programs and supporting activities directed at reducing teen pregnancy, addressing the negative consequences of teen pregnancy and improving outcomes for teen parent’s in New Mexico

  • NMTPC has been the statewide non-profit organization committed to reducing teen pregnancy in New Mexico since 1989.
  • NMTPC works closely with community organizations and state agencies to encourage an ongoing, coordinated and well-planned teen pregnancy prevention effort.
  • NMTPC provides New Mexico with the best and latest information, training, and research on teen pregnancy through: Conferences, Training, Networking, Statewide Technical Assistance to Communities, Publications: Reports, Data, Directories and Newsletters, Hispanic Community Outreach, Youth Art and Video Contest, Web site: and, Plain Talk/Hablando Claro South Valley, Mesquite, Vado, and Del Cerro.

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We invite you to join us on one or all of our social networks. Your continued support and helping us to spread the word about the New Mexico Teen Pregnancy Coalition is greatly appreciated.


NMTPC Board of Directors

Everyday Democracy Strong Starts Initiative

In the spring of 2010, Everyday Democracy launched Strong Starts for Children. Through this initiative we're working closely with five communities in New Mexico to help them find ways for all kinds of people to talk, work, and take action together on issues related to the success of all children from birth to eight. Because children exist as part of families and communities, efforts to help children must support whole systems. In this initiative, people are working on such success factors as school readiness, linked systems for health and education, access for families to development and training for employment, financial literacy and educational opportunities.

As part of the initiative, Everyday Democracy is:

  • helping communities build on what they are already doing, and involve all kinds of people in talking about and taking action on creating success for all children.
  • providing resources and tools to sustain the kind of public participation that leads to problem solving, policy change, and improved conditions in all children’s lives, particularly those who are most vulnerable.

Native American Professional Parent Resources, Inc. - Strong Starts Video

Cuidando Los Niños - Strong Starts Video

Family Development Program - Strong Starts Video 

2011 Legislative Champion

2011 Legislative Champion Award Reception 

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News Flash Entry: A Success Story!

 Past Recipient of Teen Pregnancy Coalition Award Finds Success


GIRL EFFECT: To Make sure 12-year olds, 13--year olds and all teen girls stay happy and healthy.

The Girl Effect can't happen without you. To learn more about Girl Effect and watch the video click here. 

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From the Census Bureau: 2005-2009 American Community Survey 5-year Estimates: Big News for Small Areas

The American Community Survey 5-year estimates are now available.

-Learn more about the 5-year Data Release or access the data directly in American FactFinder.

-Build detailed tables (e.g., census tracts) of ACS indicators:

-Easy access to demographic information about the United States from 1790 to the present. To get started, select "Maps" or "Reports."

NYTimes - Mapping America, Block by Block
Browse local data from the Census Bureau’s community survey, based on samples from 2005 to 2009.


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