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Repainting doesn’t mean to the walls and your house exterior and interior parts only but more than that you can be an innovative person to create something and be more resourceful in making something new again. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in buying new furniture and stuff for your house. It is just a matter of making it into a new one. It could be about designing it to look even better or repainting it to give and put back its natural color and vibrant. You don’t need to hire someone like painting contractors just to do it. You can get a brush and buy the right paint for the furniture and with no sweat you can make something like a brand-new one once again. You have varieties of options to choose from your house. You could start with your tables, chairs, cupboards, closet and even your own desk for working. Just remember to have the right equipment and tools and you will be all set to start with your mission. There are few reminders as well that you need to put in your mind. It will help to make something very useful in the future. Here are some of the great ways to start with your goals which is to make the old furniture even better than a new one.  


  1. You have to choose an area where you allowed to mess with up. You have to make sure that there is enough ventilation as you don’t want to inhale too much chemical content from the paint. You can use your old blanket or table cloth as your mat on the floor. You can also use your old newspapers. If there is a limited space for you to inhale fresh air or with the open area. You can buy and wear a mask for you not to fully breathe in the poisonous gas.  
  2. If you are going to repaint your old closet or drawer, make sure to remove and detached all the buttons out there.  
  3. You need to sand the area where you will repaint or paint it. Doing this will make the surface even and smooth and ready for painting. Aside from that, it will also get rid of the old paint there or the thinner that was used there before.  
  4. Wipe with a clean cloth to remove and get away all the debris from the process of sanding.  
  5. You need to set the primer first to the surface of the furniture. You may use a roller brush or a paint brush to coat the area.  
  6. Let it dry for a moment and then start with sanding again. Make sure that you are using the fine type of sand paper. Then after that you can coat another layer of the primer to make it even better.  
  7. Set them to dry and then you may begin with painting the furniture with the type of paint that is suitable for wooden stuff. It would be better if you are using a paint brush that has a very good set of bristles. You can apply another coat even at least three times. You can let it dry by letting it stay under the sun.  
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